Save My Old Log Home & Appearance!

Dawn SmithLog Homeowner Education

Old log cabin in Wheatland Missouri

The silvery gray appearance of an antique log home is becoming increasingly appealing to people. The latest unique market trend is to admire the silvery-gray rough texture characteristic of old timbers. Log homeowners often buy and salvage old barn timber, aged logs, and siding for their unique antique appearance, which can be costly.

Is Log Home Restoration Possible?

In some cases, yes. In others, no. A thorough log home restoration often requires exposing the wood to media blasting. Removing this appearance and applying a waterproof coating to protect their logs from rot is not an option. It will change the appearance they hoped to preserve.

Log homes are a valuable part of our history and culture. With regular maintenance, we can preserve them and prevent them from becoming insect havens. Many people enjoy showcasing their prized possessions for others to admire. It’s always satisfying to believe that our treasures still have plenty of life left in them! Let’s work together to ensure the longevity of these beautiful structures.

What Can You Do to Protect This Old Log Home?

Picture of one of the historic log cabins in downtown Wheatland, Missouri, Hickory County.

Treating the exposed logs yearly with borates is an alternative to this growing trend. Did you know that you can keep the color of the wood intact by using borate? And the best part is, you don’t need to worry about applying too much of it. It’s a win-win!

A log home maintenance company can provide a regular application to the logs as needed. To ensure that the product remains effective in protecting the wood from damage caused by moisture, it is highly recommended to treat it with borates annually. Due to solubility, rainstorms can wash the borate from your logs. Learn more about the Advantages of Borate on Bare Wood Surfaces.

By taking this preventative measure, you can extend the lifespan of the wood and keep it looking great for years to come. Something you can hopefully pass down to your loved ones to enjoy.