Before & After…Plus Testimonials

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Before & After... plus testimonials

Do you like before and after pictures? Have you ever wanted to hear from one of our clients? Today is your lucky day. On this page, we plan to share our customers’ views of our work. People often have concerns about the crew that will be at their home. Will they be kind and respectful? Are they patient with you if you have questions during the process? Can they be flexible and work with you to achieve your goals?

Nathan Torres, Colorado Project Manager

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Nathan Torres

Nathan Torres: A Creative Blacksmith and Log Cabin Restorer. Discover the fascinating journey of Nathan Torres, a dedicated husband, father of three, and artist. From music production to log home repair, Nathan’s diverse skills converge at the intersection of technology and craftsmanship. Learn how he became a Project Manager at Log Masters Restorations in Westcliffe, Colorado.

Carla Smith, Missouri Administrative Assistant

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Carla Smith Headshot

Log Masters, a family-owned business, introduces Carla Smith, now the Administrative Assistant at Log Masters Restorations. Explore her professional journey, her connection to the owners, and her dedication to providing quality customer service for log homeowners.

Log Homeowner’s Nightmare

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The fingers of a person with purple nail polish point at a degraded wooden log with obvious wear and damage.

Discover how Log Masters helped a log homeowner overcome a nightmare restoration project. Learn about the challenges faced by log homeowners and how expertise and experience help them restore their log home to its former glory.

Is Log Home Restoration EXPENSIVE

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Brown log cabin with a dark roof, surrounded by falling $100 bills.

Log home preservation experts with proper insurance and experience are in high demand. Inexperienced and uninsured local “log home preservationists” often exacerbate the problem. You can learn more about the high costs in this industry by reading this article.

Save My Old Log Home & Appearance!

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Old log cabin in Wheatland Missouri

Old timber’s silvery-gray texture is costly, yet unique. Protecting logs from rot while preserving the look is a challenge. Borate applied yearly can help. This is a cabin in the town square of Wheatland, MO.