Project Gallery: Our Repair and Restoration Work

View our gallery of log home pictures below to explore some of the jobs our Log Masters have completed across the country. You can also view our before & after videos, pictures, and testimonials . We are proud to work with our clients from start to finish on their cabin’s restoration process, and we’re happy to share the before and after results with anyone considering Log Masters Renovations for their next restoration or maintenance project.

We update our gallery frequently, so be sure to visit our site again in the future for even more spotlights from our work. If your log home or wood-sided property is in need of maintenance or repair, give us a call or contact us online today so that we can take care of your needs as quickly as possible.

Eldon, Missouri

This multi-story log home underwent a full-service restoration process with the removal of old stain via media blasting, the removal and replacement of log joists that had been compromised by log rot, and the reapplication of a beautiful, natural wood stain to finish the project.

Log Post Replacement

In this project, the Log Masters called in the help of heavy machinery to remove and replace a large 20-foot post that had been damaged by log rot. This post held up a gabled roof above the home’s front door and needed to be replaced immediately to maintain the structure’s support safely.

Square Log Cabin

This unique square cabin was restored to new by the Log Masters team who performed a full-service restoration of the cabin’s exterior. As a result of the logs settling over time, the home’s mortar chinking had started to crack and required replacement with synthetic chink. The cabin also received sandblasting, re-staining, and log rot removal services as well as caulking to fill cracked logs.

Buena Vista, CO

This luxury cabin in Buena Vista, Colorado underwent a stunning transformation. The old dark stain was blasted off and replaced with a new hazelnut color. The chink lines between each log were also painted fresh. The result was a log stain application that brought out the natural beauty of the home.

Lake Of The Ozarks, Missouri

The exterior of this wood-sided property and garage right on the lake in Lake of The Ozarks, MO was completely removed and replaced with beautiful, rounded log siding and stained with a vibrant caramel color. Our team handled the replacement of the siding for the home’s wrap-around porch, the siding for the detached garage, and we even added new wood siding to the basement’s concrete retaining wall.

The Log Masters team is ready to handle any log home restoration project, no matter the size. Contact us today to get the assessment process started for your cabin or wood-sided property.