The History of Log Masters Restorations

Dawn SmithGetting To Know Log Masters

A large Log Masters Restorations Logo floating on top of a log cabin with a red metal roof.

You may ask about Log Masters Restoration (LMR) and wonder if they are qualified. Great! I have all kinds of good reviews to show you about the experience of our log masters. In this article, you will get to know:

Management Staff of Log Masters Restorations

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Brief Description of the Management Staff

Carla and Dawn provide administrative support for all branches. Carla is the first point of contact for customers and often the last, when she sends gift bags for customer appreciation. Colt and Nathan manage the crews and projects once services begin. They will often be the person on the job making sure it is meeting Log Masters Quality Service Expectations.

Nick and Scott are in charge of log cabin services and the general manager of their location. This includes estimates, training, and product purchases. They are considered experts in log cabin restoration and maintenance and are preferred contractors for Sashco and Perma-Chink Systems. Dawn’s additional owner duties include business marketing, bill payments, insurance, licensing, taxes, and other business logistics. Feel free to call them at 844-567-2329 with the respective extensions listed below their photo.

How It All Started?

Original Logo

In Springfield, Missouri, Log Masters Restorations was formed with humble beginnings. At first, the founder, Nick Smith, and soon after, Scott Futrell and Dawn Smith.

Log Masters, LLC

Google Reviews from 2016

By October 2016, Nick founded Log Masters, LLC. Nick began marketing online to get his contracts rather than subcontract for other log home restoration companies. The company was based out of Des Moines, Iowa. You may also check out our 2017 review from David Bradshaw on Houzz .

Restructure Log Masters

In March 2020, Nick, Dawn Smith, and Scott Futrell decided to restructure Log Masters, LLC. We loved the idea of training “log masters” and maintaining the high standards the name implies. We wanted to be known as the name to call for all your log needs. That is one reason we did a trademark search before officially naming the business and applying for the trademark. In 2023, our logo and name were trademark-approved.

Log Masters Restorations Trademark
This is a sticker image of Log Masters Restorations/Log Masters, LLC registered Trademark name and logo. This image is protected.

Base of Operations

By 2021, Log Masters Restorations was able to move from being a home business to a commercial business in Springfield, Missouri. The location on 1926 West Kearney was a great place to get a lot of commercial traffic heading to the airport.


Aspen Restorations, LLC was created strictly for subcontracting work other log home restoration companies offered us during the restructure. It’s not uncommon for restoration companies to outsource physical labor because it’s the current industry standard.

BBB customer review of Log Masters


Missouri is our home state and will always be the base of operation. Colorado has always piqued our interest, and our service was even more needed after the Colorado Wildfire devastation. We also wanted to open up to more states with the same quality service we offer Missouri. Visit our franchise page to learn more.


In September 2020, we relaunched with a new name and logo and opened a branch in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Colorado is full of log homes due to favorable weather conditions and their overall appeal in the state. Upon obtaining a Colorado business license and gaining knowledge of Colorado’s wonderful people and beauty, we decided to open a fully operational branch with full-time staff in Colorado Springs.

Log Masters Trademark

Good Intentions

In the spring of 2022, we moved operations from Colorado Springs to open our new Colorado branch in Walsenburg, Colorado. This decision was made to keep overhead costs low, pass on those savings to our customers, and give back to a town of people in Colorado suffering from poverty and a high unemployment rate.


In 2022, we became more familiar with the demands of our company and the state of Colorado. After a year of offering employment opportunities in Walsenburg, Colorado, it was determined that employment was optional for the residents. Numerous businesses were trying to hire but were unsuccessful, with more jobs than workers. We began our search and decided to move the company to Westcliffe, Colorado, as of April 2023. This will serve as the permanent Colorado Branch Office.

Reopening Colorado Springs Office

In 2024, we reopened the Colorado Springs office since we have two crews in that area to service log homeowners nearby. We may even open an office on the east coast near Raleigh, NC, by 2025.

Workman’s Comp and Liability (WC&L)

When someone starts cutting into their home, peace of mind is one of the central values of log homeowners. You can rest assured the crew that shows up to work on your log home is covered by workman’s comp, general, and commercial liability. We ensure any subcontracting crew also has the same level of insurance before they begin working for us, and we have the project manager to oversee the contract quality expectations. The general and commercial liability coverage is for our clients/customers. This will cover damage to your property in the unfortunate event of an accident or malfunction in our services. Visit our certification and coverage page to know more.

Why mention Aspen Restorations, LLC?

You may wonder why I should care. I think it was worth mentioning to you for historical reference only. Aspen Restorations, LLC operated for our clients. Our clients were other log home restoration companies in Missouri and Colorado. With some research, it’s standard for restoration companies to hire subcontractors to do the work they have acquired.

As mentioned, we created Aspen Restorations, LLC, to avoid detracting from their company. Aspen Restorations, LLC only operates on paper with no advertising and is not searchable via the internet, except on this blog. We even kept our magnet logos off our trailers and trucks and had minimal interactions with the customer. This way, we were not promoting our company to their customer. The early reviews on our site express our experience and act like a resume. Although our training and reviews are visible, our company has not been promoted to their clients. We have no negative remarks about the companies we subcontracted under. As of current, Aspen Restorations, LLC has been dissolved.