Log Home Maintenance

Log Home Maintenance



Log Home Maintenance

Log home maintenance is necessary if you want to keep your home looking great and in the best possible condition as it ages. In some cases, stain warranties may actually require a certain degree of maintenance. A major part of your log home upkeep is removing seasonal buildup at least once a year, so be sure to check out our pressure washing and cleaning services for details.


What Does Log Home Maintenance Entail?

Regular maintenance includes lightly washing the log home’s exterior either yearly or twice a year in the spring and fall. Stain or clear coats should also be touched up as needed to keep your logs protected and save you from costly restorations down the road. In conjunction with annual log home maintenance, decks can also be re-stained to keep moisture and insects out and prevent fading and cracking due to UV radiation.

Risk-Free Yearly Maintenance Plans

Our yearly maintenance plans are a valuable tool for protecting your log cabin investment and maintaining your prized property to the highest standards. With this plan, we’ll schedule a time to come to your home once a year to do a light wash and complete visual inspection. Here’s the best part—you only pay once a year when the work is completed.

Practicing yearly preventive maintenance will extend the longevity of your logs and stain, which will keep your home looking great. Not to mention, consistently keeping your log property in top condition saves you a lot of money and repairs in the future. If you’re interested in starting a yearly maintenance plan or would like to get your home assessed for the first time, call us today for a fast, no-hassle estimate.



Process Steps

Log Home Maintenance

Step 1

During the media blasting process, Log Masters will stain a small area of the exposed wood surface with several log stains for a comparison. Log type and appearance after drying are important variables to consider when picking a stain. Log Masters can help you choose the right stain for your logs, location and budget. Regardless of whether you settle on water-based or oil-based, we’ll recommend the best stain to fit your needs.

Step 2

Stain prepping always precedes staining and can include multiple elements. These may include caulking or chinking, log wash treatments and Prelude (if necessary). Before staining can begin, fixtures must be removed and all windows, stone walls and shrubs have to masked or tarped for protection.

Step 3

Using an airless sprayer, stain is applied to the logs using a top-down method, starting with the highest logs and then working down to the foundation. While spraying, the stain is immediately back brushed to evenly distribute it, ensure it penetrates all the fine cracks along the log and avoid drip lines.

For oil-based stains, apply two coats wet on wet or wet on dry, depending on the directions and condition of logs.

With water-based stains, Prelude is commonly used as a primer and can be applied the same day as the stain. Once the primer is dry, apply three coats of stain with four hours dwell time or between coats.

Step 4 (Water-Based Only)

Water-based stains require a clear coat, which should be applied generously. Back brushing, or “babysitting the wall,” is important during this step to avoid pooling or drip marks. You don’t want the clear coat to be too thick, and dripping can leave milky white lines on the log surface that will detract from your log home’s charm.

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Regular Maintenance Can Save You Money

Log home maintenance is your best strategy for avoiding costly repairs and extending the life of your stain. Some stains come with warranties when applied and maintained as recommended by the manufacturer. You can count on our professionals to properly stain your log home so it complies with the terms of your warranty and maximizes the life span of your property.

Log Masters Restorations is here to assist you with regular maintenance so your log home doesn’t require significant repairs or restoration work. But if you find yourself in need of log replacement or extensive chinking or caulking repairs, our log masters, journeymen and apprentices have a reputation for first-rate rehabilitation work. Our customers are always amazed at the transformation! Reach out today for details on our maintenance plans and related services.

Other Services

Learn About Our Other Services

Pressure Washing & Cleaning

Dirt and grime on logs can be tough to remove. Pressure washing is used to clean log homes and wash away chemical stripping agents.

Media Blasting

Log Masters Restorations uses a high-pressure media blaster that shoots recycled glass through a hose to remove paint and wood stain.

Log Master employee wearing an "Ask Perma-Chink" systems logo shirt, protective face mask, and glasses removing an old stain on a log home.

Chemical Stripping

Our finish remover reaches into wood pores to release paint or other film-building products and is then washed off to expose natural wood.


Sanding is a must after chemical stripping and might be needed after media blasting or pressure washing to remove any problem areas.


Staining protects your log home from the environment. Our water-based stain and oil-penetrating stains come in a variety of colors.


Caulking seals the gaps in your log home joinery and is commonly used for homes with smaller logs or around windows and doors.


Chinking is a sealant that looks great great on large round or beam-style log homes that can be added to caulking to create a tighter seal.

Log Repair & Placement

Don’t ignore log rot! Our crews are trained to hunt down problem areas, cut them out, replace them with a new logs, and seal them tight.

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