Dawn Smith, Business Administrator and Owner

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Getting to Know Dawn

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Dawn Smith, Business Administrator and Owner of Log Masters Restorations

Dawn Smith is a devoted wife, mother of 4, aunt to many, and grandmother of 2. Finding her eating wild mushrooms and edible plants is not uncommon. She passionately believes in the art of self-reliance, wild edibles, medicinal plants, trapping, and survival techniques. Like Nick, she too enjoys diving deep into the scriptures of the Bible and discussions about the LORD.

Dawn loves Colorado and all the many hiking opportunities surrounding Westcliffe, Colorado. Her father would take her hiking as a child to look for arrowheads, and her step-mother awakened her love of rock hunting.


By late 2019, Dawn had become the company’s third partner. Her skills helped take Log Masters from a small unknown company into a thriving known company. Due to this increase in online presence, Log Masters Restorations secures its clients without the aid of other companies. The company has flourished under this new management team and permits them the ability to expand beyond Springfield, Missouri.



Dawn is currently working to make the company available to others like ourselves. The vision is for the skilled construction worker to have an affordable initial start-up company and easy operation. Everyone should have a chance to be their boss. With our company logo and name trademarked through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Log Masters Restorations is one step closer to that dream. 

Dawn’s Experience with Log Homes

Dawn learned from Nick how to restore log homes. Most of the time, she is the one taking pictures of the work progress when on-site. Her favorite job on-site is chinking and caulking. She enjoys them because they remind her of icing a cake. However, more often, Dawn is the first voice you are greeted with when you call or make contact with Log Masters Restorations.

Education & Skills

With an associate’s degree in business administration, she brings 20+ years of combined experience of excellence in customer service, human resources, and marketing skills, along with her conflict management certification and strategic planning knowledge.


Picture of Dawn Smith 2017 from a PR for DMACC and Washington, DC, as Iowa STSO graduate of Department Homeland Security Degree

Dawn is currently enrolled with InterNACHI to become a certified log home inspector. This course teaches valuable knowledge about what areas should concern log homeowners.

Dawn’s Background

Before Log Masters Restorations, Dawn increased her training in business administration while working as a TSA Supervisor for the Department of Homeland Security and attending Des Moines Area Community College. She has always enjoyed reading, drawing, painting, and writing in her spare time on a rainy day.


Picture from working at Ozarks First with Morning Show Host Jeremy Rabe and Mayor of Uranus, Louie Keen

As the main blog writer for the company, I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about log home maintenance, products, and restoration needs. I never knew owning a log cabin could be a great reward and responsibility.” —Dawn Smith

Dawn worked on Ozarks First and had the pleasure of meeting many great people. It also helped increase her marketing skills through training as an account executive for FOX 27. Working there was a lot of fun.