6 Things to Have When Selling Your Log Home

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log cabin
passing the torch

When you are ready to pass on your log cabin to the next nostalgia seekers, you should be happy to provide as much information about your home as possible. This information is valuable to prospective buyers and can show a sense of satisfaction and assumed integrity in your wooded gem.

Here are 6 things log homeowners should have when selling a log home:

  1. original build and builder information;
  2. Certificate of Inspection (COI);
  3. written records of log home settling adjustments and the adjuster’s company information
  4. dates of restorations and maintenances,
  5. owner’s manuals and documentation for systems (furnace, settling jacks, water softener, etc.) installed both invisible and visible;
    • regular maintenance
    • repairs and by whom
    • purchase information and warranties
  6. and additional construction documents since the original construction

While you may have some of these, providing what information you do have will be helpful. Prospective buyers will feel at ease knowing you took pride in your log home.


It would be best to consider getting a log home inspector to inspect your home so they may detect any defects before buyer viewing. It also is a great selling point to provide a current inspection up front. A home inspector’s certifications are essential. Typical home inspectors take on a different liability than a log home inspector. Log home inspectors have a much higher liability and more thorough inspection.

What We Do!

We offer restoration and maintenance services. Although we have trained in inspections, our company cannot do certified inspections as it would pose a conflict of interest. We do offer free online and in-person estimates for our services. To learn more…