Financing and Insuring Log Homes

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A couple is discussing finances for a potential new log home purchase with a real estate agent in a cozy cabin. The agent explains different mortgage and insurance options suitable for log homes, ensuring the couple understands every detail as they move closer to their dream.

Signs of Log Home Settling

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In this article, you will learn about log home settling – what it is, why it happens, how to recognize it, and how to address it. We will explain how shrinkage, compression, and other factors affect log walls, and provide advice from log home experts. You will find everything you need to know about log home settling, including its causes, identification, prevention, and remediation.

Log Homeowner’s Nightmare

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The fingers of a person with purple nail polish point at a degraded wooden log with obvious wear and damage.

Discover how Log Masters helped a log homeowner overcome a nightmare restoration project. Learn about the challenges faced by log homeowners and how expertise and experience help them restore their log home to its former glory.

Is Log Home Restoration EXPENSIVE

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Brown log cabin with a dark roof, surrounded by falling $100 bills.

Log home preservation experts with proper insurance and experience are in high demand. Inexperienced and uninsured local “log home preservationists” often exacerbate the problem. You can learn more about the high costs in this industry by reading this article.

Advantages of Borate on Bare Wood Surfaces

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This image is of a 3 story log home that was recently media blasted exposing the wood log surfaces by Log Masters Restorations. The captions on the pictures say, "Repeat borate treatment every 6 years is recommended. Borate Wood Treatment has been one of the most effective and popular choices in pest management for over 25 years." Log Masters Restorations Trademark is in the bottom right corner.

Learn about the advantages of applying borate to bare wood surfaces. Because of their non-toxic properties, borates are beneficial in combating house invaders, such as termites, anobiid beetles, lyctid beetles, carpenter ants, and brown or white wood rot. You can learn more about how borate can help you protect your wooden structures from decay and pests.