Log Homeowner’s Nightmare

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The fingers of a person with purple nail polish point at a degraded wooden log with obvious wear and damage.

Are you facing the issue of repairing your log home? If so, you are assessing your options: Do it yourself (DIY) or hire someone. To start, you might like to read Is Log Home Restoration Expensive. Otherwise, I’ll be happy to help you decide between a log home service company, yourself, or your local construction worker acquaintance. In this article, I’ll discuss the reality of DIY versus hiring a log home restoration service company like ours versus the local remodel company. Additionally, you’ll see some shocking images of a restoration gone bad you don’t want to miss.

What are the options for Log Cabin Repairs

Options for log home repair are limited. Few have the experience necessary. Your options are:

  • Do It Yourself
  • Hire the Local Remodel Company
  • Hire a Professional Log Home Preservation Expert Company

Does the value and insurance of someone else doing the repairs outweigh doing them yourself? This is an important question each homeowner should research. How prepared are you to do it yourself?

Average Log Homeowner

You can’t see how to do it yourself. Plus, you wanted to avoid DIY. So you have two options. You’re not wealthy, but you have a little saved to pay for the local person. To afford the professionals, you can use your savings, get financing from a bank, or a combination of both. Since your home is your investment, taking care of it is a good idea. Log home restoration companies are costly but worth the value and insurance. This statement leads to the question, “Can you afford the value and insurance?” Some can not. This is why many turn to the local remodel company.

Professional Value and Insurance vs. Local Remodel Contractor

Although you may know someone in town, it’s important to consider whether they have the necessary expertise to repair a cabin. Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure that they are insured for this kind of work and have insurance for accidents involving workers. If they mess something up, you could be out $30k or more. In such a scenario, you may need to consider a civil lawsuit to recover the cost of damages and lost service costs. However, this can be an expensive and time-consuming process. To avoid such situations, it’s best to hire a professional who is experienced in log home restoration and maintenance. 

Below are pictures from inexperienced cabin restoration contractor services.

Money to Burn

Do you have a lot of money to risk it? What if you don’t have money to burn? Now you are thinking, “Wasn’t she steering us away from DIY?” Some of you are reconsidering it, so let’s discuss that.

Thinking about DIY to Save Money

You have some home repair experience from your youth, so you consider doing it yourself. Will it save you money, though? Figuring out the cost of DIY often overlooks your time value. What is your hourly time worth? Do you make more hourly than you save? When you add up the time away from making money, it often isn’t much of a savings anymore. Let me explain.

DIY Log Home Restoration

First, you must know how to do them. This is not for the amateurs or novices. Don’t get in over your head as many do. Reading our blogs and watching our Log Home Education channel on YouTube might help. Attending workshops like the ones put on by Perma-Chink Systems is a great start. They have plenty of free seminars to attend. Sashco has a week-long Zero Failures workshop, but it isn’t free. You’ll need to learn all the skills before you begin so you don’t cause more damage during repairs.

You’ll need help

Finally, you may need help finding the time to do the restoration between work and other life requirements. Sometimes, the average restoration takes our professionals more than two weeks. Alone and untrained, it will take much longer and sometimes be impossible. So, you’ll need help. Do any of your acquaintances have two weeks to work with you? Perhaps the DIY and local remodel companies are no longer options you want to explore.

Hire A Professional Log Home Preservation Service Company

After weighing the options, you have hired a log home restoration and maintenance service company. However, the estimated quote made your eyes bulge. Despite this, you are determined to get the value and insurance of an expert log home professional. As a result, you are digging deep into your savings and pestering your banker for a loan. Read Log Home Restoration Is Expensive to learn why it is so expensive.

Warning of Going the Cheapest Route

Upon receiving log cabin preservation estimates, the typical reaction is to appreciate the value of the service but find it outside of one’s budget. However, opting for the cheapest estimate can lead to more expenses in the long run. Damage repairs, like the one shown in the video below, are far more expensive to add to a restoration. When this occurs, additional work must be added to remove and repair the extensive damages on top of the log home restoration cost. To see what happened to one of our current clients who chose the cheapest route, please watch the video below.

This video will show you some of the hazards of hiring just any guy to restore your log home. Low bids may seem appealing, and you may think, “I am being wise and saving money.” Unfortunately, going with the lowest bid may cost twice as much to fix than if you’d gone with the professionals from the beginning.

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