Affordable Career Options for High School Graduates

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Are you tired of the skyrocketing cost of college education? Why spend $100k on a degree when you can achieve success without being deep in debt? Skilled trades may be demanding, but they offer a ripe opportunity for determined and vision-forward individuals. With fewer people entering and more retiring, the demand for skilled tradespeople is high while the supply of workers is limited, making it an excellent field to get into. To learn more about our trade, download the document below.

In this article, you will learn why a career in this industry is likely to be most profitable and what it will take for you to enter it.

Who Needs To Beg For Work

You can be selective in choosing jobs because there are plenty of opportunities available, and the best part is that you won’t need to spend much on marketing to get contracts. Start as a subcontractor or become employed by us. Apprenticeship applications start every spring. As the workforce generation gap widens, the building industry labor force may see a return of monetary respect. This is why log home restoration has become so expensive and why it can be an incredibly lucrative career choice. So, why not consider a career in skilled trades? It’s a practical and wise choice that can lead to a bright and prosperous future. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to secure your future without the burden of student debt.

Look Into My Crystal Ball

Don’t trust your future to a crystal ball reader. Do your research.

Many discredit the wisdom of the older generation. It’s crucial to listen to the wisdom of the older generation and not a crystal ball. With their observations stretching back over 50 years, they foresee a surge in demand that could result in a significant workforce shortage. Preparing new individuals to fill this gap may take a long time, unless we take the necessary steps now. We must act quickly to ensure a skilled workforce is ready to meet the growing market. High school graduates, take note! It’s essential to acquire the right skills and knowledge to be prepared for the future. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Start today and be ready for the upcoming surge.

Attention Young Adult Career Seekers

We need to act fast! Yes. I’m talking to our future business leaders leaving high school. An imminent surge in demand could leave a massive gap in our workforce. If we do not take action now, it could take us a considerable amount of time to train new people to meet this demand. It’s time to prepare for the inevitable surge and ensure we have a skilled workforce ready to meet the growing market.

Let’s take the necessary steps to ensure we are prepared to meet this challenge and secure our future success. We must continue encouraging you, the younger generation, to see the potential in our industry.

Log Masters come prepared with logs, stain, and equipment.

Skills that will help

There are a few things that will help those entering this industry. Skills that we have found beneficial:

  • Creative Problem-Solving and Strive for Success
  • Investing in Yourself.
  • Respect Your Career Choice.
  • Learn to Communicate Effectively.
  • Take Calculated Risks

Learn more about the General Expectations of a Log Master.

Creative Problem-Solving and Strive for Success

Running a business, regardless of its size, requires the ability to solve problems creatively. Whether you work for one or own it, you are an entrepreneur. If you shy away from challenges and difficulties, you may need to restructure your thinking. We live in a world of modern convenience, with instant gratification, which makes us less tolerant towards struggles or delayed gratification. However, it is important not to shy away from struggles. Life is like an endless marathon of learning and growth. Once you leave high school, you start your first independent marathon. Remember, success takes time, determination, and perseverance. You must push through the pains and keep your goal in sight, even if it means enduring pain and making sacrifices.

Invest In Yourself

First, invest in yourself. Learn from experience. Unlike colleges, apprenticeships in the trade will give you paid years of skill learning and expertise. Don’t quit when it gets complicated. Believe in yourself. It’s not a race; it’s a marathon. Be the best, but know it never happens overnight. Listen to and question those who’ve gone before you. We’ve seen a lot and can help you avoid the pitfalls. Reinvest your earnings in the future. Know what you want and figure out how to get there.

Respect Your Career Choice

Secondly, respect your career choice even if others don’t. Many wrongly assume anyone can do this, which insults those who can. You must believe in what you do and be proud of it if you want others to value your work. You will succeed when you and others see this as a respectful career choice (like any college degree occupation).

Learn to Communicate

Thirdly, learn to communicate. I wish high schools required this. Everyone thinks they do a great job-pridefully assessed by themselves. Few do. I thought I did until I took a few classes. My lack of good communication skills was holding me back on many things. I learned practical communication skills can do wonders: understanding those around you, resolving conflicts, having persuasive conversations, communicating tactfully and diplomatically, and much more. You’ll see the benefits at work and in your personal life.

Take Calculated Risks

Finally, to be successful, you will need to take CALCULATED risks. Being employed in a dead end job, going to college, driving, and saying the wrong things is all part of the risk of just living. We all take risks. This industry is not for the shy or cowards. Aside from the physical demands, entering this industry comes with a multitude of risks and if you can’t make WISE CALCULATED RISKS, then you might fall hard. When you run a business, it is an endless amount of risks.

Come and enjoy the adventures with us at Log Masters Restorations.

Future Builders

If you are considering a career in the log home industry, you can gain valuable experience by working in this field and considering it a paid education. In 1998, I started working in a cabinet shop and had yet to learn about the career opportunities in the log home industry. I then worked for construction and remodeling companies, where I learned a lot about building. After 12 years of building experience, I discovered log home restorations and maintenance. I persuaded some of my acquaintances in the construction crew to learn with me from those in the trade. Read more about my journey in The History of Log Masters Restorations.

Team With A Vision

It is possible to succeed, but you will need a successful team that shares your vision and will help you make it a reality. If I can do it, you can, too. How? My wife and I lived modestly, took small paychecks and budgeted, made sacrifices, sold our possessions, saved our extra money, invested in a trailer, truck, equipment, etc., and started my small business by subcontracting for log home companies. Quickly, I realized the potential as very few were doing it, and now I am living it and am still convinced it is a high-demand industry. It’s a blessing to enjoy success after years of sacrifice finally.

It wasn’t easy but it is possible. My company went through significant ups and downs before becoming what it is today: two locations in two states and considering a third state.

We have learned from our mistakes and successes and are willing to train the next generation of entrepreneurs. Join us and become a Log Master!