Affordable Career Options for High School Graduates

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Log Master Colorado GM, Nick on the Forklift

Join our team as a Log Home Expert! No college degree required—our comprehensive on-the-job training program will equip you with the skills needed to excel in this role. As a Log Home Expert, you’ll specialize in constructing, maintaining, and restoring log homes. From selecting the finest timber to intricate joinery techniques, you’ll be an integral part of preserving the timeless beauty of log structures. If you’re passionate about craftsmanship, attention to detail, and working with natural materials, this opportunity is perfect for you. Apply now and embark on a rewarding career in log home expertise!

Administrative Assistant Opening

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This is an image of five diverse people (two males and three females; all of different ethnic backgrounds) wearing customer service headsets and Log Master Shirts.

Join our team at the Springfield, Missouri Branch as an Administrative Assistant. This position is expected to grow and evolve over time, with the goal of transitioning into the role of Business Administrator of Customer Relations and Accounts within a year or so, provided the candidate meets the performance expectations. Apply now to be part of a dynamic team!

Terms & Conditions


Log Masters Restorations Terms and Conditions

In the beginning, we had fewer visitors to our site, but now that more and more people are looking to our company for good, solid log home advice, we felt it necessary to define our … Read More

Fuel and Service Recovery Fee for In-Person Estimates

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Free online vs In person Estimate

We try to be fair even if this does not feel fair. Fuel prices and house requirements (size and accessibility) are a few things that dictate the price for an estimate. Due to these factors varying by customer, costs are figured on a case by case.

Our Email Address Has Changed for the Better

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email address

We recently updated our email address for the ease of the customer and for brand consistency as we grow Log Masters Restorations into a recognizable log home restoration company.

Fun with the Log Masters

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Do you like to have fun? Duh!?! You like to have a little fun. We love what we do and we believe you can recognize a good sense of humor. Enjoy the fun. May you and your children have a little fun from the Log Masters. Check back from time to time to see new search and finds, puzzles or riddles.