Fun with the Log Masters

Dawn SmithJust for Fun

Do you like to have fun? Duh!?! You like to have a little fun. We love what we do and we believe you can recognize a good sense of humor. Enjoy the fun. May you and your children have a little fun from the Log Masters. Check back from time to time to see new search and finds, puzzles or riddles.

2022 Summer Free T-Shirt Drawing

We are getting ready to order 2022 Log Master’s T-shirts and you could win one. Watch the video. We will draw a winner in May 2022 when we put in the order for the t-shirts. Follow, like and share our social media posts or video about the T-shirt Drawing to increase your chances of winning.

Check back to see the drawing video.

2021 Summer Riddles

Leave a comment if you know the answer.

Easy Riddles for Kids

  • What has to be broken before you can use it?
  • In a yellow one-story house with yellow flowers and mailbox, with yellow furniture, yellow walls, yellow doors and yellow décor. What color is the stairs?
  • I shave everyday but my hair stays the same. What am I?

Harder Riddles for Adults

  • Man loves more than life, hates more than death or mortal strife; that which contented men desire; the poor have, the rich require; the miser spends, the spendthrift saves, and all men carry to their graves. What is it?
  • With pointed fangs I sit and wait; with piercing force I crunch out fate; grabbing victims, proclaiming might; physically joining with a single bite. What am I?

2021 Easter