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Violet Fane is the literary pseudonym of Lady Mary Montgomerie Currie

As mentioned in our article “Our Franchise Dream,” each year, we get closer to making our business a successful franchise for anyone to manage. We still have a way to go as we learn and navigate the business world. I would add “with patience and dedication” to what Lady Mary Montgomerie Currie (pseudonym, Violet Fane) wrote in her poem, “all things come to those who wait.”

Proverbial American Ship is Sinking?

We have waited most of our lives in some fashion. Why not figure out how to wait for better economic times? Besides, the way I see it, if the proverbial American Ship goes down… we all go down, regardless of our savings. So, we invest in ourselves. Below is what we are doing to gain a foot on our goal.

Reducing Overhead Cost

During these uncertain times in our economy, some would consider quitting while we are ahead. Instead, we chose to reduce as much of our overhead costs as possible to pass on savings to our clients and increase wages for our staff. The economy will improve based on historical parallels and the heart of the American people to stay free.

Praying to God for a Revival
Praying to God for a Revival


I say this in the faith of better times to come after these difficult times pass. Times like this have happened before, and the American people remain resilient. Also, I pray that we weather the storm and come out wiser on the other side. It’s a risk we must take. I’m fully invested and believe in what we do.

Brand Consistency

email address
contact us at [email protected]

Last year, in 2021, we purchased the exclusive rights to the domain and This also improved our email communications by making the address more brand-consistent. Instead of [email protected], we are now [email protected]. It’s much easier to remember and say.

Accounting Team

Lesson Learned: Hire an Accountant!

As of 2022, we have our company registered as an S-Corp and have an incredible accounting team at B&C Accounting and Tax, LLC. If you are a small business, don’t try and “save” money by not getting an accountant. You will save less than you will with a great professional accountant. They are miracle workers, people! God bless them.

The Agony of Taxes

It also takes all the worry and stress out of trying to keep track of the new tax laws, amortization and depreciation schedules, categorizing, etc. You know! All that stuff that makes you want to pull your hair out. The best decision I have made was to invest in a good accountant. No joke!

Toll Free Phone Number with Initialisms

Also, we purchased a toll-free number (844) LMR-2DAY or (844-567-2329) to make our phone number easier to remember. Not only can you call us, but you can also text us pictures and information from the ease of your phone. I prefer email communication, but I appreciate the ease of texting.

LMR is committed to protecting your phone number and information from being sold. We don’t like doing it ourselves and wouldn’t do it to our customers.

Updated Website

In 2021, we updated our website using Campaignium out of Springfield, Missouri. Our SEO marketing is now generating many leads at a meager cost. People love the look and simplicity of our website and compliment it regularly. No pop-up ads or promotional banners from outside sources. The team at Campaignium is terrific and genuinely prides itself on customer satisfaction.

Financing Available

As of 2022, financing is available for our clients through Hearth. There is no need to let your log home rot because you don’t have the cash in the bank to fix it. The longer it waits…the worse and more expensive it will get. Financing can provide a quick solution to repairing your log home.

Registered Trademark Logo and Name


We are finally trademark-approved for the Log Masters name and logo through The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This is exciting for us and huge accomplishment. On October 3, 2022, the non-final office action letter said there appeared to be no conflicting marks or names. In August of 2023, our logo and name became an official trademark:

Since our inception, we have taken advantage of creating documents through the Rocket Lawyer App online. It has been convenient in writing Employee Handbooks and other legal documents. In 2023, we hired Bold Legal to review our contractual documents to ensure we follow all business laws. It is with great relief to have a lawyer examine your contracts and give them the “looks legal” response. We have also recently hired McFarland Litigation to handle our litigations. We hope not to have to pay them much.

Next Steps….

Hire more qualified employees who see the vision and want a piece of the dream. We love promoting from within, so join our team and be at the front of the line in creating a franchise. Yes! You own your own business. You may already have a good working log home crew and want to know more about working for us. Click here.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System for Our Industry

A CRM system designed for our company’s needs will be a rather expensive investment of at least $50,000. There are many free systems to choose to use. However, only some fit our needs. And if we are to franchise, we want to own the exclusive rights to the CRM System for our future franchisees.

Franchise Lawyer

Lastly, we must hire a franchise lawyer to help us set it up. This will also be rather costly but well worth it.

If you have any suggestions, comments or interest in helping us become the name to know for log home restorations, contact us.

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