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So you have a log home, a fresh new stain and need to know how to care for it. You want to make sure it lasts. You’re probably thinking, “How do I extend the life of my stain on my log home?” It’s really simple! You can extend the life of your stain with these three easy tips from our professional Log Masters.

1. Keep It Clean!

Too often homeowners overlook this very simple stain extending chore. At least each spring and fall, lightly wash the exterior to remove pollen and debris. We recommend a low PH balance soap product like Perma-Chink Systems Log Wash.

The exterior of a log home is a settling ground for dust, pollen and other airborne contaminants that dull the surface and encourage mold growth. A light cleaning once or twice a year will keep a home looking beautiful and helps prolong the life of the exterior wood finish.

Quoted from Perma-Chink Systems website in Product description of Log Wash Wood Cleaner on June 21, 2022

2. No Plants beside the Log Home!

I know it’s so gorgeous to have a brightly colored flowering shrub accent and frame your amazing log cabin in the woods. Except, it also creates a potential dreadful problem for your logs. It creates two major problems for any log home.

Fungi not so fun

First of all, mold or fungi love shaded areas and use them as a breeding ground that create log rot. Fungi were created to recycle things like wood and other organic material. Some fungi grows into your logs and acts like a rotting tooth cavity, leaving an exterior log with only a nice veneer.

Insects disliked for doing their job

And the second major issue, wood destroying insects (WDI)! WDIs love eating delicious rotting logs and debris. They are doing what they were created to do. Recycle organic material as it decomposes. Logs near the home should be given every opportunity to receive sunlight and air flow. Make sure you are checking for log rot and insect infestations. To learn more, read our how to article.

Debris, such as leaves and other organic materials i.e. firewood, should never remain near your log cabin. Might as well ring the insect dinner bell and provide them with ice tea while they get busy “doing what an insect do.”

Dawn Smith, Business Administrator for Log Masters Restorations 6/23/2022

3. Routinely Recoat the Log Cabin

We know better than anyone else the cost of a 5 gallon bucket of stain. Perma-Chink Systems always keeps us informed. However, you know what is way more expensive…a restoration. Stains from experienced log home suppliers like Perma-Chink Systems provide regular maintenance instructions to maintain the warranty on their stains.

As professional log masters, we would never recommend a product that is inferior to the task of keeping your logs like new. While we are almost willing to coat any log home with the clients desired “Stain” or “Paint”, we can not guarantee stains outside of the most commonly recognized brands formulated for log home exteriors.

For instance, we would probably draw the line at applying paint or deck stain to a log wall as it will not stand the test of time and give us a bad name for allowing such an atrocity. “But I did it and my cabin looks fine,” we’ve heard. That’s as far as I’ll speak to that.


It is so important to do your best to seek out professional log home advice. If you are buying a log home, make sure to get a log home inspector. We recommend reading our article “Buying An Existing Log Home?” before you buy. Log home inspectors have extra certifications not required to be a home inspectors. To find a log home inspector near you, go to InterNACHI Certified Home Inspectors list.

In advanced search options, choose log homes, WDO/Insect, and mold. You can choose as many certifications that apply to your home needs. This will help filter out any non-certified log home inspectors. Source: Taken from InterNACHI Website on 6/23/2022

In advanced search options, choose log homes, WDO/Insect, and mold. You can choose as many certifications that apply to your home needs. This will help filter out any non-certified log home inspectors.

Get a Free Online Estimate

Consider getting an estimate from a log home restoration company like ours. It takes very little effort on the part of the log home property owner. With gas prices on the rise, companies like ours are turning to free online estimates. To better understand why, visit our article discussing the pros and cons of a free online estimate vs in-person. They take a matter of days and you can get a idea of what a professional service can do for you. To get your free online estimate, contact us. You can include information from our checklist.

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To learn more about our company, see our testimonials , certificates, or read our history. You can also visit our article “What We Consider in a Log Home Restoration Estimate!” to understand the why behind our questions.

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