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Before and After Log Siding

Have you always wanted to live in a log home? Then you are like many others. For some, it is about a desperate need to connect with nature and log home nostalgia. Or you could appreciate the look but don’t want the hassle of building a log home or buying one. Maybe you love your home and already live in nature, except the exterior is ordinary siding. Log siding can be a great alternative and often more affordable than a log home.

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Log Home Look without the Logs

Log siding is an excellent alternative. Instead of building or buying a log home, you can stay in the house you are in—no need to spend money on moving to get that cabin vibe.

Many people use log siding to avoid uprooting their lives to achieve the look of a log home. Log siding is so convincing that your untrained eye might not see the difference.

Unseen Log Siding Mistaken for Real Logs

It is common to discover log siding on a log home build. Usually, it results from an addition or a window boarded over. Often, you can only slightly tell the difference. A skilled installer intentionally hides the tell signs to mimic the log home appearance. You can see examples of log siding sold by Western Log Home Supplies to the right.

Reasons for Using Log Siding

There are several reasons you might install log siding. Cost comparisons are the most common reason. However, there are other legitimate reasons. For instance, why sell your current home? Just replace the siding.

Traditional siding can be removed and replaced with log siding. This replacement option provides any homeowner with a less expensive way of achieving the log cabin look without moving into a log cabin.

In addition to achieving a log home look, it can also be used as a coverup. Log siding can cover up ugly concrete walls or add walls to match their home. It can also happen when a log cabin has closed up a window or door the owner no longer uses versus installing logs in their place or on the second-floor level to save on cost or weight on a load-bearing wall on a tall structure.

Treatment for Log Siding

Log siding is treated slightly differently during the restoration process. Log siding can replace pieces if rotted without impacting the structural integrity. This makes maintenance easier for the homeowner. A well-maintained, log-sided home can last between 20 to 40 years.

Be aware of the starting and ending points of your log siding and logs.

In the case of a log home with some log siding, certain precautions are taken to avoid damage to interior walls. Communicating this during the estimation process for a log home restoration helps avoid change orders that result in additional costs and delays. If you let your service provider know about hidden log siding on the log structure, severe damage can be avoided. You may have to talk with an insurance agent about the needed repairs if you don’t.

Knowing Your Siding

While these can be tricky to identify, due diligence for a log homeowner to know their siding types is always beneficial. Your home’s blueprints should be registered with the city or county building & zoning. It is always best for you to obtain a copy to have for your peace of mind. If you have concerns and can’t determine the siding on your home, please let us know; one of our Log Masters will help you with this determination.


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