Log Home Winter Repairs?

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Winter work

Yes! We do winter repairs. Snow on the ground doesn’t get in the way of all log home repairs.

Winter does slow down the restoration process, but this doesn’t mean all of the restoration services are weather pending. Just to be up front, there are some weather conditions that can not be worked in and we would not subject our employees to work in them.

Rain, Snow, Wind, and Temperatures

Rain has always been an issue, but snow can be manageable under the right conditions. Rare high wind conditions like a hurricane or blizzard can make working conditions impossible. But otherwise, log home repair continues. During the winter months, watch for promotions and schedule a winter restoration completed in the spring. This means we break up the services of the restoration process.

For example, log rot repair and replacement, media blasting, filling gaps with backer rods or grip strips, and interior staining are still services that our log masters can achieve when temperatures drop below freezing conditions. However, staining, chemical stripping, chinking, and caulking require a steady temperature above 40 degrees, with the most favorable conditions around 50 to 90 degrees.

On infrequent occasions, we have sealed an area off with tarps/tents and used heaters to increase the exterior temperatures. This is not common practice and adds to the cost of services. Most clients prefer to wait for spring warm temperatures for staining.

Services Available During the Winter include:

Log Repair and Replacement

Installing half logs is typically less invasive as they don’t penetrate the entire log, and work is only done to the exterior. Complete log replacement will mean a few hours of cold, but if you have a rotted log, you are already dealing with the cold. To learn more about log rot, read our article “Types of Log Rot.”

Rotted logs can make for expensive heating bills as they easily transfer the frigid temperature outside into your warm home. You will often recognize a cold, rotted log by its perspiration. The log can also get icy hairs like frost in an old freezer. It could even become frozen if the moisture content is high. If you want more information about this service, click here.

Removing an Old Stain

Stains can be removed with media blasting and sanding/grinding in workable temperatures. However, freezing and below-zero temperatures make working conditions difficult and, in some cases, impossible. Generally, we will not subject employees to these icy weather conditions. To learn more about stain removal, click here.

Backer Rod and Grip Strip

Installing the backer rod and grip strip between the logs to act as a barrier against the wind is also possible during any weather conditions. However, this is no substitute for chinking and caulking as it still allows wind and temperatures to pass through. Caulking and chinking need optimal temperatures to be properly installed against the backer rod and grip strip to create an airtight barrier.


Some maintenance work can also be achieved. For instance, light washing is easy for the homeowner to accomplish with a low PH balance soap and brush. Of course, we wouldn’t recommend it during freezing temperatures.

As to what maintenance can be achieved during the winter months, this will depend upon several factors. Ask for details about your log home or visit our maintenance service page. Contact us at (844) LMR-2DAY or (844) 567-2329. You may also email us at [email protected].