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Have you ever dreamed of owning a successful franchise? Are you now kicking yourself for not opening a Dollar General in a small town before it got popular? Now, in 2022, you can’t. If you could go back and invest when the buy-in was low and the risk high, would you? It’s our dream to one day franchise Log Masters Restorations (or LMR) so anyone can open their very own for minimal investment.

The Inspiration

An Inspired Sloth

Dollar General (or DG) inspired me. About 4-6 years ago, they started popping up in Missouri like daisies in the summer heat. The way I see it…they had terrific foresight. They saw a demand in small rural towns. Before, gas prices made it harder for rural communities to travel to a neighboring metropolis to save at Sam’s or Walmart. We, too, see a demand in small rural communities…where the cabins are hidden in the woods–not often in the city.

DG was wise to make the buy-in affordable for most; a franchise buy-in of $25,000 and an average $350,000 metal building. Other franchises were much more expensive and next to impossible for anyone on average to obtain. We hope LMR will be on this list of Top Franchises to purchase under the $50k list. Learn more about our services.

Who Can Afford It?

You have little to no savings. Been poor most your life. We know.

So many people are like us years ago, wanting to own a successful business. Perhaps you discovered the reality of buying a franchise. Like us, you hit a glass ceiling because franchise buy-ins were astronomical. Most required us to have a $300,000 cash down payment to get the franchise name and required millions of dollars loaned to buy and build, much less license, employ, insure, or stock. We have yet to be among the top 1%. You can learn more about our history.

Luck of Timing

I have watched shows like “Food That Built America” on the History Channel. Every time, I think,

“Wow! If only….”

Have you ever thought like that and ever wanted to be at the beginning of something great? But how can you afford it? Finding this article is your beginning and ours. Keep reading to learn about a possible future investment opportunity on the horizon.

Beginning of Something Great!

LMR is currently taking steps to make this company a franchise for blue-collar carpenters and painters like us. We have humble beginnings and have had to save to create our company. So much money and wasted time on things that didn’t improve our standing as a business. These are things I wish our company could have avoided.

The Dream and Why?

Regarding the dream, we want to help others like us: solid people with detail-oriented eyes, dedicated to proper work ethics, willing to work hard for customer service excellence, no huge inheritance, minimal credit, and empty pockets for starting a business. Do you think that sounds familiar to your circumstances? Maybe it’s just us, but I doubt it.

Not Just for Men

The average couple without experience can learn this industry in only a few years. With good painting and carpentry skills, you could discover it in months. Training is lengthy but not too demanding. It’s a dirty job like painter meets carpentry work. Many are qualified to learn this trade. Women, too.

Log Masters Restoration, TM


Many who work in carpentry or as painters are on their own. Every man for himself. This only benefits those seeking their services. There is good that can come from a union of people working together.

Current Progress Toward Franchise Goal

I so relate to this. I put it in just to make you laugh.

No Franchise

They have no franchise to help them streamline expenses and unite with others like themselves to afford employee benefits. Most are just able to stay afloat, especially these days with workforce shortages in blue-collar jobs. Few can afford workers’ compensation and general or commercial liability.

Steps toward our Goal

The economy is definitely in uncertain times. Should we give up our goal? No. We continue to take small steps toward achieving our long-term goal of franchising. Like most blue-collar small businesses, we started by working hard and sacrificing much. It hasn’t been easy; we sometimes want to give up. Instead, we keep taking steps toward the dream until the day we can’t.


Our Current Service Area Map for two locations. This is likely to shrink soon unless we open more offices.

We believe the log home restoration industry is enormous. Cabins in Florida…who would have thought? It is an industry that isn’t commonly considered and needs to be tapped with dozens of marketing commercials. *wink. wink*

Market Shares

I used to work in advertising. We often talked about market shares with clients. Market shares in this industry are open for the taking as I never see commercials for log home services. Currently, LMR gets contacts from up in Alaska, New England, and down the coast to Florida. A few calls have also come to the west coast and near the Canadian border.

Plenty of Cabins to Restore for All

As of 2022, our two locations (Missouri and Colorado) are overwhelmed with demand for our services in our covered areas. So much so we’ve gladly considered shrinking our reach to improve our employee’s work/life; we believe in a healthy work/life and seek new ways to provide it for our staff. The beauty is there is that much cabin restoration work available. A strategically placed franchise could be sustained and benefit small communities with employment.

Lower Cabin Restoration Costs

By having a Log Masters Restoration in communities with high cabin populations, we should be able to provide a great career with a good work/life balance for community members. Not to mention reduce the extraordinary maintenance and repair costs for log homeowners.

How? Why?

Most restoration companies must travel miles from home, stay in hotels or Airbnb, put miles on their vehicles, and spend much on gas. Reducing this cost can save a lot on restorations. Plus, eliminating excessive travel leaves a greener footprint behind as a company. We believe in reducing our environmental impact to make our world a better place.

Improving Work/life for Staff

Sure, if you are single and young, you can travel everywhere. Usually, log homes are located in vacation areas with breathtaking views and sights. I’ve seen so many spectacular views I would have never seen if I worked elsewhere. However, it can mean poor work/life if you have a family.

Family Life is Important

By keeping it more local, work/life should improve for our log masters. This should solve many employment issues we face and sympathize with. We’ve done it for years and understand the strain on family life when one parent is away from home daily or weekly. Children need both their father and mother to help them become healthy adults.

Why a Franchise Industry Standard?

Ask for Perma-Chink Systems

Perma-Chink and Sascho, for example, have been fantastic places to get industry standards. They offer log home education contractor certification and provide excellent materials. But how can they guarantee it among their contractors? They can’t. They try by training. If only there were a franchise everyone could turn to who created a standard you could trust. One that was consistent. Less expensive.

Creating a franchise with an industry-standard where no standard appears to exist consistently should make it easier and more cost-effective for everyone to benefit: owners, staff, small communities, and log home owners.

Actively Recruiting

Soon, we will be able to offer this opportunity across the nation. Until then, we will continue actively recruiting more and more Log Masters dedicated to hard work and travel.

One Step at a Time

Each year, we get closer to our goal of franchising by taking one step at a time. Once these steps are completed, we can offer affordable buy-in options to start a franchise territory for anyone willing to work hard and take pride in their work. By then, we hope to have made all the big mistakes small businesses inevitably make in the beginning and offer a business that works well for franchisees. If you’re interested in talking to us about our franchise opportunities, please contact us.

Follow the link above to see our current progress toward our franchise goal.

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