Benefits of Becoming a Log Master

Dawn SmithGetting To Know Log Masters

One of the fantastic benefits of working with us is the ability to travel and see the beautiful countryside in often remote locations. In the evening, explore your surroundings. Employees enjoy traveling to new places and getting paid while traveling.

Expenses Paid PLUS GPD!

Our employees like having their hotel expenses and transportation provided by the business. Did we mention the tax-free general per diem (GPD) that comes with the travel? Some employees make an extra $1350/month tax-free in GPD. Also, we offer Aflac insurance and sick leave. If this sounds like a career for you, you can apply online today by emailing [email protected]. No resume required.


“I’ve worked in log home building and restorations,” you say. WE WANT YOU to be our next crew chief. Crew chiefs start between $25-35/hour based on experience, good work habits, and company longevity. We love to reward hard workers. As a trusted crew chief/log master with excellent knowledge in the field, managing clientele, 2-3 crew members and possibly two teams, payroll, expenses, and company paperwork, that could equal a gross pay of $72,800 per year plus GPD of approximately $13,500/year tax-free.

Apply today!
Potential Future Franchise Opportunity! Ever wanted to own your own business? This is an excellent place to start, as our dream is to franchise the Log Masters name with territories throughout the United States. Being an employee could give you an advantage.