Log rot done by just any guy is likely to look like this.

Dawn Smith

Don't Call Just Any Guy! Call a Log Master to do it right!

This image shows a wooden structure with a rotted half-log repair that shows how any guy will likely fix log rot the wrong way. The wood is visibly hollowed out and weakened, with wood decay damage and smeared with caulking where they had screwed and smushed a half log in its place. A person’s hand is visible in the image, wearing a grey glove with blue accents, pointing towards a section of wood severely damaged by water intrusion. The wooden structure appears to be part of a building or similar construction and shows clear signs of poor stain removal (likely with a pressure washer) and then re-stained over uneven wood surface. Layers of wood have been eaten away, leaving behind an intricate pattern of hollow spaces and weakened wood. Wood shavings and debris are scattered below the damaged area, indicating recent discovery or inspection. The coloration of the remaining wood varies from light to dark brown. This image is a warning to those who go with the cheapest contractor.