More damaged trim stained over by the local guy.

Dawn Smith

This image showcases a close-up view of the corner of a damaged wooden structure and window frame trim on a log house. The wood is aged and weathered, with visible signs of wear and tear. The paint looks like it is peeling off, exposing the underlying wood, but in fact, the old stain is the dark stain bleeding through the new oak stain they applied. The original local contractor didn’t remove all of the old dark brown stain before staining it with a lighter oak stain. The caulking is cracked near the trim, needs to be matched in color, and appears to be applied haphazardly with minimal skill. It looks really aesthetically unappealing and would make any homeowner upset and unsatisfied with their service. A professional log cabin stain recoat would never damage the surface of the wood this way. The window frame has overspray due to the local guy not masking off the windows to protect it from the stain he sprayed on the wood surfaces. The sunlight casts warm tones on the surface, highlighting the textures and patterns created by years of exposure to the elements.