Dawn Smith

LMR Prima 2016 OG crew

Five men stand together in this photograph, wielding chainsaws and a media blaster. They seem to be posing for a picture, and the setting behind them is a log cabin with bare wood. It appears they have just completed removing the log home stain, as wood dust piles are visible near the home. In the foreground, three names, Nick, Scott, and Colt, hover next to three different heads, and there is a circular ball with the Log Master’s logo that reads “Prima 2016 OG” between all three names.

To the left of the photo, and over the head of one of the unidentifiable men holding a chainsaw, are red letters that say “Nick.” Another man with a purple shirt is kneeling on one knee to Nick’s right, and Nick seems excited and yells into the air. The green words “Scott” are beside the man wearing a purple shirt, kneeling on one knee in the picture’s foreground, just below the men standing around him. The guy next to the name Colt in blue is wearing a black shirt, sunglasses, and a ball cap with a chainsaw pointed up in the air.

Two other guys are visible in the picture, but their faces are not clear. The person whose face is covered by the words Nick is holding a media blaster hose likely used for media blasting log home stain off. There is a lot of debris from the restoration process on the ground around them, including ladders and other tools. All five men appear to have been working very recently, as they are all covered in sawdust.