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Pressure Washing & Cleaning Services



Pressure Washing & Cleaning Services

Keeping your log home clean and free of dirt and grime is the best way to ensure the longevity of your stain finish. If your log home looks dusty or dull—or the top portion of the logs is collecting a lot of debris—Log Masters Restorations can help bring back its original luster.  

Our pressure washing and cleaning services are typically necessary any time we remove a chemical stripping agent, but sometimes log homes are just overdue for a deep clean. The cost of pressure washing and cleaning services can vary widely depending on your specific situation, so be sure to contact us for details.


What Is Log Home Pressure Washing?

Can you pressure wash a log home? Absolutely—but a word of caution. Operating a pressure washer should be done with care and in line with safety precautions outlined in the owner’s manual. Pressure washing log homes comes with a set of extra precautions to avoid damaging the structure. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules before you aim the nozzle and let ‘er rip.

Pressure washing, or power washing, blasts surfaces like wood and concrete with pressurized water to remove dirt, paint, mold, etc. Safety is paramount when pressure washing, and it’s imperative that you use the correct psi (pound per square inch) for the type of surface you’re washing. The wood used to build log homes is soft and easily damaged by pressure washers.

Pressure washing a log home can be tricky. You don’t want to force water up under the logs or into the home. Water can ruin insulation, cause electrical problems, and weaken structural integrity over time. Moisture between logs is a breeding ground for mold and fungi, which can lead to log rot. That’s why we highly recommend contacting a Log Masters restoration and maintenance professional to take care of your pressure washing needs.

What Is Log Home Cleaning?

Log home cleaning is necessary to remove seasonal buildup from the home’s exterior surface. Dirt, grime, pollen, and mold collect on the logs over time. Most people can rinse the logs with a water hose (no high pressure) and do a seasonal scrubbing with light soap and a mop or brush. This will extend the life of your stain finish.


Does Your Log Home Need to Be Cleaned?

Yes. To avoid damaging the exterior stain surface and extend the life of your stain, it’s important to regularly clean the log home. We recommend a seasonal clean to remove any buildup.

Debris that sits on the log home stain for too long can compromise its effectiveness and shorten its life span. Owners who routinely wash their log homes will also notice a striking difference in the stain’s appearance.

It’s important to clean your logs at least once a year. To keep your log home in top condition, you’ll also want to inspect your home for signs of wood and insect damage after the annual cleaning. For more about your log home health, read our blog “Checking for Log Rot and Insect Infestation.”

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If your log home is looking a little worse for wear, then it’s probably time—or past time—for an annual cleaning. As we’ve mentioned, letting layers of gunk accumulate on logs is detrimental to your stain and could lead to more serious maintenance or repair issues. Don’t let the muck dull those warm wood tones you adore.

Log Masters Restorations will assess your log home pressure washing and cleaning needs. Once we know what’s required, our team of professionals will visit your property and have your home looking radiant in no time. Pricing varies depending on the type and size of your log home. Contact us for pricing details and to schedule your cleaning.

Other Services

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Media Blasting

Log Masters Restorations uses a high-pressure media blaster that shoots recycled glass through a hose to remove paint and wood stain.

Log Master employee wearing an "Ask Perma-Chink" systems logo shirt, protective face mask, and glasses removing an old stain on a log home.

Chemical Stripping

Our finish remover reaches into wood pores to release paint or other film-building products and is then washed off to expose natural wood.


Sanding is a must after chemical stripping and might be needed after media blasting or pressure washing to remove any problem areas.


Staining protects your log home from the environment. Our water-based stain and oil-penetrating stains come in a variety of colors.


Caulking seals the gaps in your log home joinery and is commonly used for homes with smaller logs or around windows and doors.


Chinking is a sealant that looks great great on large round or beam-style log homes that can be added to caulking to create a tighter seal.

Log Repair & Placement

Don’t ignore log rot! Our crews are trained to hunt down problem areas, cut them out, replace them with a new logs, and seal them tight.

Log Home Maintenance

Log Masters offers an array of routine maintenance services like sealing and preservation to keep your log home in good condition.

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