Summer Palace Pagoda Beijing, China

Dawn Smith

Beijing, China Summer Palace Pagoda

This picture shows a tall octagon structure with Asian influence. It appears to be made from wood and clay tiles. It is only a part of the entire structure in the picture, with clear blue skies above. The picture focuses on the upper three levels of a structure, with other structures in the distance behind it but of little detail—they appear to be in the same design as the image in focus.

This image could be from inside a palace based on its surroundings, which again are not in focus very well. The structure in focus is the upper half of three stories of another structure and has been painted chiefly with red and blue and gold accents on the roof tiles and walls.

The structure has two wrap-around patios on the lower two levels to allow people to walk around it. A lot of attention to detail is visible, showing the superior building techniques of Asian cultural engineering. A large placard of gold and royal blue is on the 3rd upper level with Asian writing on it.

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