Stave Church Gol of North Dakota

Dawn Smith

North Dakota's Stave Gol Church

The image depicts a large wooden structure with intricate details. The structure is four stories, if not five stories tall, with a steeple on top. Wooden crosses adorn most of the lower gables, and steeples or on the top gables appear wooden horses with tongues or flames coming out of their mouth. Shake shingles are made from wood & cover most of the roofing structure and part of the side gables. Much thought, attention to detail, and effort was put into designing this structure, such as the uniformity of the roof tiles. At first glance, it appears to be a church. It looks like a cloudy day in this picture, and the leaves are turning yellow, giving me the appearance of an oncoming fall weather. Steps go up to the main structure, and a small stone wall surrounds it.

Stave Church Gol of North Dakota Log Structure. To learn more, go to