Horyuji Buddhist Temple in Ikaruga Japan

Dawn Smith

Main Hall (aka Golden Hall) or Kondo in Nara, Japan

Upon looking at the image, I can see that it was taken from the ground level in a serene and peaceful stone courtyard. The structure in focus is a towering Orient log structure of immense size, which appears to be from Japan, based on the common elaborate wood structures found in Asian design for temples before the new age and refined intricate appearance. The structure is an incredible marvel of perfection, with its construction entirely made of wood, plaster, and stone. It looks centuries old and has been designed to use wood for structural reliance and minimal maintenance due to the wide overhangs of the patios that protect the main wood beams from moisture.

One of the most striking features of this structure is the numerous decorative elements it possesses. From the dragons snaking around the wood columns and beams to the little brass bells hanging from each of the corners of the roof structure, this structure has been crafted with a keen eye for detail. Speaking of roofs, this structure has four different-level roof structures to protect the wood under it. Throughout the structure, wood beams can be seen under the patio awning. The wood railing on the second-story patio has been designed in a basket-woven pattern, adding to the structure’s beauty.

Moving on to the patios, they are about 10 feet wide and wrap around the structure of each story. The patio roofs appear to have round stackable clay tiles for roofing, which is a testament to the attention to detail given to the construction of this structure. The wood on the structure is dark brown and seems very old, which adds to the structure’s charm. The structure is three stories tall, with a stone courtyard and a gabled roof. A pair of steps comes down from each of the four sides of the structure to the courtyard. Behind the wooden structure is another five-story tall wooden structure with a giant obelisk on top, adding to the overall grandeur of the place. The green pine trees surrounding the structure are barely visible, but the blue skies indicate a bright day, possibly summer.

Photo screenshot from the article “Main Hall, Horyuji” on the World History Encyclopedia website on November 30, 2023, at The Main Hall (AKA Golden Hall; in the forefront) and Five-storied Pagoda of Hōryū-ji (Buddhist monastery) are Nara, Japan’s National Treasures from 607 CE. Go to https://www.worldhistory.org/image/6515/main-hall-horyuji/