Bad Log Rot Repair by Amateur

Dawn Smith

This image is a close-up of a log cabin corner called the zipper, focusing on a large glob of what appears to be tan caulking placed in a log rot hole near the corner where the log joints meet. The caulking appears to be an amateur solution to prevent more water intrusion into the log-rotted corner, but there are better solutions than this one. As you can see, the caulking is puckered, uneven, and detaching from the log surface it is trying to prevent water from entering. Additionally, in the image, an unnecessary amount of caulking was haphazardly placed in the hole, and the excess caulking on the face of the log still needs to be removed. On the logs, the stain is peeling and cracking from the face of the logs, which range in color from dark brown to dark orange. Some of the wood is exposed to the elements, as seen by it peeking through the stain in multiple areas.