log home landscaping suggestions

Dawn Smith

Landscaping diagram with log home restoration planned into it.

The aerial diagram, with the Log Masters Restorations Trademark Logo in the upper right corner, depicts a two-story log home and a basement on a sloped piece of land surrounded by trees. A blue compass in the lower left corner directs how the home might want to sit on the property for the best results to maintain the house.

Key features include:
The house is positioned between the top and bottom of the slope. It has multiple levels [colored black], decks [colored yellow], and concrete patios [colored gray]. A yellow starburst outlined in red is a symbol on the diagram that indicates areas where log rot is most possible due to low airflow and lack of direct sunlight. Fragmented green shapes appear to represent trees or bushes of different sizes. A red rounded corner rectangle symbol represents areas where a lift may be required to reach a 2nd story during a restoration.

Annotations provide insights on landscaping with log home maintenance services in mind in the future, such as keeping landscaping at least 5 feet away for natural drying,
Possible lift locations are indicated for reaching the second-story area that needs restoration or maintenance services.
Additional annotations suggest the south-facing walls receive the most sunlight, making them susceptible to damage from sun exposure. Heavy equipment locations are also noted to help homeowners understand the nature of lifts leaving ruts in the yard.
It also says the north-facing walls should have fewer logs since they will have less sunlight exposure, increasing the risk of log rot due to water not evaporating quickly.
Overall, the diagram emphasizes proper care, positioning, and landscaping to ensure the longevity of the log home.