Scenic Winter Train Ride Through the Mountains

Dawn Smith

A blond woman and a man in an orange winter jacket and stone-washed jeans are riding on the open deck of an orange-striped silver passenger train. The woman, wearing an olive green winter jacket with a Ralph Lauren logo on the shoulder, has a blue and white polka dot knit scarf and broad black sunglasses. Her hood is pulled up, and her blond wisps of hair take flight from the rim. She appears happy, smiling at the camera while using her pink-cased cell phone to capture pictures of the partially frozen river below. White rapids flow through the icy river.

The man’s face is turned toward the canyon wall, partially obscured by brown dreadlocks and a black knit cap. The landscape outside the train window suggests winter: snow-covered ground and reddish-brown bush stems devoid of green leaves. The terrain resembles a desert, with tall saguaro cacti and tan-colored land. Despite shaded areas, the features remain distinguishable as the train winds through a mountain canyon. The train is the Royal Gorge train ride, situated in Colorado near Cañon City.