Dawn Smith

General Overview:
The image is set in a well-lit kitchen with white cabinets.
A person is present, but their face is not visible.
The focal point is an intricately designed cake that resembles a fairy tale castle.
Specific Elements or Objects:
Wearing a brown shirt with text on it.
Holding a spoon and appears to be serving ice cream from a container.
Large, round base covered in white icing.
Decorated with multiple colored lights embedded into the icing.
Topped with a plastic castle structure featuring towers and turrets, predominantly pink and blue.
A doll resembling a princess is positioned inside the castle.
Ice Cream Container:
Appears to contain mint chocolate chip ice cream, given its green color and visible chocolate chips.
Kitchen Background:
White cabinets are visible along with some decorations on top of them. – A stove and oven built into the cabinetry.
Text on Shirt: – “I love you” followed by an unreadable word ending in “a bushel,” possibly part of the phrase “I love you bushel and peck.