Is Log Home Restoration EXPENSIVE

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Brown log cabin with a dark roof, surrounded by falling $100 bills.

Log home preservation experts with proper insurance and experience are in high demand. Inexperienced and uninsured local “log home preservationists” often exacerbate the problem. You can learn more about the high costs in this industry by reading this article.

Why Do Log Home Restoration Companies Hire Subcontractors

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Log home preservation professionals usually work as independent contractors. Most log home companies subcontract labor. Experienced individuals prefer to be a 1099 subcontractor, allowing them to set their own schedule, take time off, and work on other projects. This article explores the reasons why log home restoration companies hire subcontractors and their benefits.

My Caulking Won’t Dry!

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Clean Caulk Lines by Log Masters Professionals

If you find yourself needing help with caulking that resists drying or curing, look no further. Outdoor conditions are often the most common reason for your new caulking to struggle to dry.